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Advisory Work

If you need a less structured arrangement; someone to bounce ideas off of, give a sense check or advise on areas where you're unsure how to proceed, I'm happy to engage a certain number of hours a month to work with either the leadership team or the Head of Product. If you don't have a Head of Product, I can help you get the right one!

How Advising Works

This is necessarily more open-ended, depending on your goals and pain points. We will uncover these through initial discussions, and can obviously change tack as the company evolves.

  • A free compatibility check call - we can discuss the company's needs, ambitions, known pain points, and see if we can work together.
  • Agree on objectives - either concrete objectives (scale into new markets, resolve tension between teams etc.) or a more fluid set of goals.
  • Agree on cadence - maybe we speak once a week, once a month, or just whenever you want. We can arrange the availability you need.
  • Advise! - as per our agreement, work through whatever issues are preventing you from making progress, and make sure we bias to action to get past them.
  • Wrap up - Work out whether we need to continue or whether the job is done. I'm happy to discuss long-term retainers.


We will sign a contract before we start, including a standard non-disclosure agreement so we can talk freely.

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