Health Check

Health Check

Product teams work cross-functionally with all parts of an organisation, but sometimes the organisation might not be set up for success. As small, urgent startups become scale-ups and needs to move away from founder-led product management, small inefficiencies can become big ones and, eventually, critical blockers.

How a Health Check Works

My goal with this type of project is to understand how the company works, what the biggest pain points are across the organisation, and give advice on how to best mitigate these. My approach consists of:

  • A free compatibility check call - we can discuss the company's needs, ambitions, known pain points, and see if we can work together.
  • Review of documents and materials - I'll go through all available documents to go deep into the company's strategy, what it's building and how it's selling. I'll use this to build an initial picture of how the company is operating.
  • Depth interviews - I'll conduct a series of one-to-one interviews with each member of the leadership team, the heads of each functional group and every individual product manager to understand the intra-team dynamics and what might be holding the company back.
  • Write up and report - I'll build a comprehensive report of my findings, as well as supporting documentation and actionable next steps in priority order.
  • Leadership presentation - I'll give a presentation to the leadership team (in person or remote) to take them through the findings and talk through the recommended next steps.
  • Wrap up - This is designed as a standalone engagement, but I am happy to discuss further support, if required, or refer to other experts.


The usual elapsed time is 3-4 weeks, to ensure minimal disruption to the business and to enable flexibility with scheduling.

We will sign a contract before we start, including a standard non-disclosure agreement so we can talk freely. I will take notes throughout the depth interviews but, as standard, will not share these notes with the leadership team (to promote openness and honesty).

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