Fractional CPO

Fractional CPO

Are you setting up a new product team, struggling with a strategic deliverable or looking for interim cover whilst hiring a new product leader? As a fractional CPO, I can help you with your company's product challenges on a part-time basis for a fixed term. This is a cost-effective way to set your teams and your company up for success.

How a fractional CPO works

My goal as a fractional CPO is to do what's right for your company and support it in whatever way is necessary. The parameters of the engagement will necessarily be custom to each client, but here are some of the ways it can work.

  • Coordinate up front - define the parameters of the engagement and what you expect from me.
  • Agree ways of working - Ensure that the engagement has the greatest chance of success by agreeing access to relevant stakeholders.
  • Work the engagement - I'll be available for the agreed number of hours/days throughout the month and participate in all activities appropriate to the agreed goals.
  • Continuous feedback - I'll be providing comprehensive feedback to the leadership team to ensure we're on track.
  • Wrap up - Ensure successful conclusion and decide whether we need to continue or end the engagement.


We will agree the number of days and the term length upfront. I am flexible to the number of days, length of engagement and the notice period.

We will sign a contract before we start, including a standard non-disclosure agreement. We'll agree the broad parameters of the engagement, what success looks like and any relevant supporting KPIs or other metrics and include these in the contract schedule.

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