Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

As a coach, I work with product managers and product leaders to help them up their game, navigate uncertainty and be as effective as they can be for their organisations. We do this by identifying their biggest challenges, and collaborating together to understand how we can overcome them. The end result is someone who is better equipped to move forward and deliver exceptional results.

How Individual Coaching Works

Individual coaching comes in two flavours, both with a standard 6-month retainer:

  • Standard - monthly 1 hour one-to-one meetings.
  • Depth - monthly 1 day one-to-one meetings. These can be split into 2 half days if more convenient.

What else is included?

Both packages include

  • A free compatibility check call - we can discuss the coachee's needs, goals, and make sure we're a good fit.
  • Sponsor alignment call - A call with the coachee's sponsor (their boss, or someone from the leadership team), to align on company goals and expectations of the coachee. I also recommend that the sponsor joins the 5th session.
  • Weekly accountability calls - quick check-ins to make sure the coachee is on track and to address any immediate concerns.
  • Asynchronous support - the facility to email/text me to get support on time-sensitive issues.
  • Wrap up call - A post-engagement wrap up, status review, and recommended next steps to continue supporting their career (including the possibility of more coaching, or referrals).

More on the terms

Why a 6-month retainer? Because coaching is a commitment, and I don't want to talk about money before every session. It drives commitment from both sides, and enables me to lock in availability.

We will sign a contract before we start, including a standard non-disclosure agreement so we can talk freely. I will take notes throughout our sessions and share with the coachee but, as standard, will not share these notes with the sponsor.

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