Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

As a coach, I work with product teams to identify common pain points and development areas. We work together to understand the intra- and extra- team dynamics, build a shared understanding and problem-solving approach, and get the team working effectively as a unit to solve their organisation's most important product problems.

How Group Coaching Works

Group coaching comes with a standard 6-month retainer:

  • A free compatibility check call - we can discuss the team's needs, goals, and make sure we're a good fit.
  • Sponsor alignment call - A call with the team sponsor (their boss, or someone from the leadership team), to align on company goals and expectations of the team.
  • Monthly workshops - 1 day per month of group work on specific issues. The format will vary depending on the topic, and we can split the day into two half days if more convenient.
  • Weekly accountability calls - check-ins to make sure the team is on track and to address any immediate concerns.
  • Asynchronous support - the facility for the team to email/text me to get support on time-sensitive issues.
  • Wrap up call - A post-engagement wrap up, status review, and recommended next steps to continue supporting the team (including the possibility of more coaching, or referrals).

More on the terms

Why a 6-month retainer? Because coaching is a commitment, and I don't want to talk about money before every session. It drives commitment from both sides, and enables me to lock in availability.

We will sign a contract before we start, including a standard non-disclosure agreement so we can talk freely. I will take notes throughout our sessions and share with the team but, as standard, will not share these notes with the sponsor.

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