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My face My name's Jason Knight and I'm a 20-year veteran of tech and product, with experience in corporate & startup environments. I am a regular speaker, mentor, writer and podcaster and totally in love with product management.

I started One Knight Consulting because I have seen variations of the same problems plaguing growing startups, scale-ups and larger, digitally transforming companies again and again. These problems can cause friction between teams, slow product development, lacklustre sales, and ultimately lead to constrained growth.

If you're scaling your product organisation, struggling with cross-team alignment or having trouble executing your product strategy to support your business goals, let me help you.

How can I help?


How can I help?

Health Check

An in-depth company or team review & actionable next steps to help your company build products better and remove pain points and blockers.


Support the ongoing development of your product managers & product leaders through structured coaching.


Support your hunt for the product managers or product leaders. Make sure that you get people that are right for your company, and that your company is right for them.


If you need help with training, workshop facilitation or other issues specific to your business then let's chat and see if there's anything we can do together.



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